Reset Relief Valve


We offer a complete range of reset relief valves, including Types B, C, and CH. All parts are interchangeable among other industry standard equipment. Our team of experts can repair your reset relief valves in the field if you need the additional support. Every American Block relief valve is pressure tested to insure product dependability and is available with full traceability to earn our customers’ trust.

Type B: Threaded Connection:

  •  Available in 2″ or 3″ inch sizes
  •  Max working pressure of 5000 PSI.

Type C: Buttweld or 1502 Connection

  •  Available in 3″ inch size
  •  Max working pressure of 5000 PSI

Type CH: Buttweld or 1502 Connection

  •  Max working pressure of 6200 PSI

For harsher environments, American Block manufactures reset relief valves in the M2 model, fully equipped with a new 4-piece seal and sub.