Collapsing Pin Relief Valve

American Block’s collapsing pin relief valve (CPV) is designed to collapse at a specific pressure by utilizing an air-balanced piston that is axially loaded by the pressure load of the pin. While in operation, the status of the valve is easily visible by simply checking the condition of the collapsing pin. The pins are easily changed or replaced in under one minute and does not require extra or special tooling.

  •  Valve body design uses full penetration welds which are pressure tested at 15,000 PSI and undergo x-ray and magnetic particle inspections
  •  Hammer union connections use a removable wing nut that can be replaced if damaged
  •  Added O-ring for greater protection against water intrusion on threaded area
  •  Relief grease fitting to ensure complete coverage of threads and lead detection of seat cage O-ring
  •  Lift point provides a method of installing and conducting maintenance safely and non-detrimental to the valve
  •  Optional safety cage offers 80% visibility to verify the status of pin and maintain the safety of personnel
  •  Actuation and trigger mechanism is all realized by the pin, no moving parts
  •  Valves can be repaired in the field in less than 30 minutes for a major overhaul
  •  No calibration needed after reassembly

SAFETY PIN CAGE DESIGN – As an optional feature, we offer a safety pin cage design to keep hands away from moving parts if the valve was to go off.

  •  Water-jet design with no sharp edges and greater visibility of pin
  •  Spring loaded safety latch to keep door closed even with pump vibrations
  •  ⅛” thick high quality stainless steel for high durability and corrosion resistance
  •  Includes retention plate for bolt-free installation

REPLACEMENT PINS – The set pressure of the valve is determined by the pin installed. Pins are interchangeable with existing valve designs and offer resistance to pressure fluctuations, environment, and are tamper proof.

SPARE PARTS – American Block offers a complete range of spare components to maintain or repair your valves. All parts are interchangeable with existing valve designs.

  •  Major Repair Kits
  •  Minor Repair Kits (seal kit)
  •  Bonnet Repair Kits
  •  Safety Pin Cage Kits