600 Triplex

The Southern Stimulation Technologies SS-600 is the direct OEM replacement for the Demay HD-500 and Axon HD-500. The SS-600 Triplex is a long proven well service pump designed to exceed your requirements in any application – cementing, acidizing, snubbing, and well stimulation. With an industry leading 8” stroke and 8:1 gear ratio the SS-600 is 30% more efficient than the competition while reducing downtime and completing the job without maximizing the standard duty cycle.

  • Driveshaft diameter → 4” Worm
  • Input Speed (Max) → 2000 rpm
  • Gear Type → Worm-Wheel
  • Maximum crank speed → 265 rpm
  • Maximum rod loading → 180,000 lb
  • 8” stroke
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Modular fluid end design
  • Reduced fluid end expendables
  • Achieves operating conditions faster than the competition
  • Direct OEM replacement for Demay AXON HD-500 Triplex Pump and Halliburton HT-400 Triplex Pump
  • Compatible with SPM TWO-600, Gardner Denver GD-600 and Serva TPH 400 and TPD 600