1000 Triplex

With a smaller footprint than quintuplex pumps, the well-proven SS-1000 Triplex pump provides increased performance over competitors in the same class. With an 8-inch stroke and 6.667:1 gear ratio you can achieve operating requirements with only three cylinders as opposed to the industry standard of five. The SS-1000 comes standard with Stainless Steel Fluid Ends giving you all the benefits of several plunger sizes in one simple package.

  • Straight line drive
  • Worm and wheel gear type
  • Driveshaft diameter → 4.5” Worm
  • Input Speed (Max) → 2000 rpm
  • Gear Type → Worm-Wheel
  • Gear ratio → 6.667:1
  • Maximum crank speed → 300 rpm
  • Maximum rod loading → 190,000 lb
  • 8” stroke
  • 33% lower cost of ownership 3 cylinders instead of 5
  • Modular fluid end design
  • Reduced fluid end expendables
  • Achieves operating conditions faster than the competition
  • Direct OEM replacement for AXON HD-1000
  • Compatible with SPM QWS-1000, GD-1000Q, Serva QPA-1000, MSI QIH-1000