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November 22

American Block manufactures a wide range of traveling blocks to meet the diverse needs of oilfield drilling. Whether 200 tons or 1500 tons, traditional drilling or top drive, conventional style or split configuration, American Block can provide a traveling block solution for your drilling rig.

In addition to our various standard blocks, customizable design options are available. All of our traveling equipment is designed and manufactured in accordance with API 8C, and third-party certification (e.g. ABS, DNV, CE) is available as an option.

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December 15

The American Block team is equipped to handle any large, small, or unique project on a global scale.

How can we best serve you? Reach out to sales@americanblock.com for more information.

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December 20

Any sheave, any size, any application.

American Block is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of wire rope sheaves with a reputation backed by over 40 years of experience and field performance. Sheaves are available in diameters ranging from 20″ to 120″ and for any size of wire rope, with the option for custom-designed sheaves readily available.

Contact us at sales@americanblock.com to learn more about American Block can increase efficiency and improve quality for your projects.

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